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Oliver DeMille Receives Praise from Leaders and Readers

“Oliver DeMille stands like a signpost pointing the way toward a better, freer, saner society in keeping with our founding ideals. Regarding America’s decline, many people are finally asking “What can we do?” In FreedomShift, DeMille very clearly answers the question with thoughtful, specific, and intelligent direction. FreedomShift is not only a must-read book, it is a must-follow road map.”

~Chris Brady, NYTimes, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of
Rascal: Making a Difference by Becoming an Original Character


The Coming Aristocracy is a clarion call for all freedom-loving Americans to awaken to our present dangers. Oliver DeMille is a modern-day Founding Father and no patriot’s library is complete without this book!”

—Orrin Woodward, Best-Selling Author, Launching a Leadership Revolution

Rebecca Kochenderfer A Thomas Jefferson Educationtjed tightseal 298x300 A Thomas Jefferson Education This is a message homeschoolers need to hear!

“I have read TJEd twice, and I LOVE it! Oliver DeMille voices the need for a generation of leaders to be thoughtfully trained in our homes today. This is a message that homeschoolers need to hear! I don’t know when I’ve seen another book that communicates with such clarity, purpose and vision the powerful potential of homeschool. I find myself nodding my head and marking passages that sound like something I might have said–and DeMille says it so well.

“TJEd gives clarity and purpose to the decision to homeschool, and a template that can be applied by any family to achieve their goals. I refer to it often as a handbook to help me further my own studies, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in quality education. Parents, teachers, and students alike will be energized by this exciting book.”

~Rebecca Kochenderfer, Author of Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create A Superior Education For Their Child, Senior Editor of Homeschool.com

“My older children have been successful in Great Books programs in college, and I, myself, have taken time to read and study more than I ever would have thought possible. As you might imagine, I am profoundly grateful to Oliver DeMille and his co-authors for opening this world of educational thinking, life to me. It is now my great privilege to be able to speak to parents and teachers around the world, and help them rebuild their education paradigm, pointing them to the same source of wisdom that I was so fortunate to find.”

~Andrew Pudewa, Director, Institute for Excellence in Writing

“Oliver and Rachel DeMille have inspired me as a teacher and a parent. Oliver’s book, A Thomas Jefferson Education, has not only helped my wife Laura and I create a better educational environment for our children, but has constantly reminded me that master teachers believe that each child who walks into their classroom is a genius, waiting to be discovered.

“As a co-founder of Acton MBA (as well as the recently launched Acton Academy for children and youth) I believe our future rests on how we inspire the next generation of leaders to educate themselves –- safe from the meddling of ‘assembly-line’ schools. It’s only through the efforts of educators like Oliver and Rachel DeMille that we can hope to safeguard our freedom and prosperity for the next two hundred years.”

~Jeff Sandefer, Founder and Faculty Member of Acton MBA

“Several years ago I picked up a copy of TJEd after listening to Oliver DeMille speak at a homeschool conference in Williamsburg, VA. My family and I were truly impacted by his words. We cried on the way home as all felt the need to move to a leadership education model in our home.

“Eleven months later our family moved overseas. After arriving in Qatar and finding that we didn’t have libraries or book stores available as promised, I panicked and went back to school at home. We were miserable.

“On our first vacation, we attended a TJEd two day seminar hosted by Jodie Palmer and Diann Jeppson. It was another life changing moment. I learned how to implement TJEd in our new environment using the information from Thomas Jefferson Education Companion, the seminar and inspiration. For me, these two books are classics. The information is invaluable in our walk to follow the path of leadership style education.”

~Darla in Qatar

“If you want shallow opinions and simple answers, turn on talk radio. If you want depth and principles, turn to Oliver DeMille. If you think one election creates change, then make a sign and march on Washington. But if you want to catalyze real and lasting change, read FreedomShift and apply its vital lessons. This is the real deal. And because it is, it’s not an easy read, nor is it easy to apply. The question asked of every free citizen is this: Is it worth it?

~Stephen Palmer, co-author of NYTimes best-selling book, Killing Sacred Cows; co-founder of The Center for Social Leadership

The Coming Aristocracy is a clarion call for all freedom-loving Americans to awaken to our present dangers. Oliver DeMille is a modern-day Founding Father and no patriot’s library is complete without this book!”

—Orrin Woodward, Best-Selling Author, Launching a Leadership Revolution

“If you’re as tired of the status quo as I am, you need to read The Coming Aristocracy. Oliver DeMille arms common citizens with the knowledge, insights, and motivation they need to battle exploitation by the power and money elite. This book will help you take charge of your life and make a positive difference in these trying times.”

—Mike Lathigee, Founder & CEO, Freedom Investors Club

“Oliver DeMille has uncommon vision that he has gained from a deliberate and careful process of reading, observing, dialoguing, distilling, re-reading, pondering, teaching and finally synthesizing critical trends into concise, lucid, and compelling calls to action. The Coming Aristocracy is a call that must be heeded if we are to secure freedom and prosperity for ourselves and our children.”

—David Grant, Department of Business, Southern Utah University; Founder, Metalcraft Technologies, Inc.

As a Canadian citizen, I found DeMille’s message completely relevant to me here. Listening to this presentation (especially over and over again) has helped us shift away from some of the numbing effects of living in a liberal socialist country and into greater personal accountability. In other words, it helped restore our drive to build and create the future rather than expecting or even easing into the idea that the government provides all.”

-Heather Burton

The Coming Aristocracy is compelling, timely, and vital. With piercing clarity, Oliver DeMille explains our current economic and political systems and resurrects the principles that made America great. Most importantly, he clearly describes what we can do as individuals, families, and communities to right our floundering ship. This may be one of the most important books you’ll read this year.”

—Steve D’Annunzio, Founder, The Soul Purpose Institute

Oliver DeMille has a way of helping you reach deep within and pull the desires of liberty to the forefront in a way that moves you to action. After first being introduced to the thinking of Oliver DeMille, my husband and I set out to become independents, rather than dependents, sought learning and education to become liber, have recognized the need for public virtue, and thank the hand of God consistently for helping us find our own personal mission in this life. I recommend this lecture to everyone, especially youth.”

-Jacqueline Smith